Finale to the Countdown!



Hello bloggers and people who love to read. Today is officially the last day of Summer Break! There should not be an exclamation point at the end of that. 🙂 Everyone has (hopefully) finished getting ready for the first day of school, and lots of people are spending their last moments of summer at the pool. I’d love for people to tell me about the places they went or what they did over summer in the comments! Now to get right to it, number one on my Summer/Book Countdown is……………………………………………..







TINTIN! Yes, yes I know it’s a series, but Tintin is my FAVORITE comic series. I’ve probably read all of them over a hundred times. I’m not kidding. The reason I love them so much: they’re hilarious (and they’re mysteries)! Comics are everywhere: in the newspaper, super heroes in movies, and just as an ordinary book. If you’ve never read comics before, you should definitely start with Tintin. Each character is unique and very funny (my personal favorite is Professor Cuthbert Calculus). In all, Tintin is awesome and so is the movie! 🙂 Bye, and have an excellent first day of school!






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